TemptressLux – Youre a LOSER Breakup JOI

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Duration: 17:52s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You lucked out and somehow landed the girlfriend of your dreams! She decided to take pity on you and give you a chance because you’re nice, but you still can’t manage to keep your secret from coming out…After a party, you both come back to her place and she immediately starts shouting! You were such a LOSER at that party!!! It was the first time she saw you around other people and you were EMBARRASSING! She laughs at you and humiliates you. Telling you how she was so close to fucking you for the first time. She even wore new sexy see-through lingerie to mark the occasion. What a waste! Then she notices…”Are you getting hard right now?!” You just can’t help getting turned on as your girlfriend humiliates you! You’re such a loser. Then she makes you a bet. She’s going to strip out of her dress and tease you with her perfect body in lingerie and laugh at you while you jerk off for her. If her JOI makes you cum not only is she BREAKING UP with you but you’ll become nothing but her errand boy!!

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