Temptress Blair – Pillow Hump and Pay

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Duration: 11:20s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Okay that sounds great, if we can do it through here that’d be cool. I’m trying to get like a findom joi type thing. I’d like it if you like bragged about your body and showed off, and talk about how I have to pay you money amd how much I send to you. And if you want to tell me in the video to tribute you a couple times you can too at whatever amount you choose. I think it would be really hot too if you made me jerk by only letting me rub through my pants, and eventually count me down to cum in them. Sorry if any of that sounds weird and I get it you don’t want to do it. Lmk what you think and if I could also request an outfit that you’ve worn before, thank you.

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