Temptress Blair – Blairwashing the Bimbo Sissy

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Let’s be honest, you’ve always been this way. Deep down you know you’ve just followed what you’ve been told anyways, you got the perfect job, the perfect life right? But yet… you were still born to be My bimbo sissy bitch. And this is exactly what you want truly want, to be someone’s play slut. To be at the mercy of Temptress Blair, completely powerless and vulnerable to give into My every demand. you’re really not man enough to even compete with the real alpha men out there. you know you’re not even a real man. Why keep up this facade, it has to be exhausting. I know you just want to give it all up, stop thinking, turn that brain of yours off and just be obedient and do as your told by a Dominant woman. you want to completely empty your mind and be powerless. No choices, no responsibilities, no worries, just being a bimbo for Temptress Blair.

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