Taylor Knight – Spun 16 – The Goon Hole – Fan Favorite Series

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Duration: 13:46s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

*Headphones + Dark room a must* Binaural Beats, Binaural whispers, ASMR & Special effects will take you DEEP. Make sure before getting this clip you complete series 1-15!! You will work up to 16! You show up and it’s just me, you and some party favors…… I am the queen & you are my guest. You will then step off of the universe you are used to. For the next few minutes you will FALL deeper & deeper until you enter mine. I will hit every trigger my heart desires.Travel deep into your subconscious mind. Giving you what you REALLY want. Yes I know what you want better then you do. You are going to have the time of your life, I am all you can see, and all that matters to you. I am perfection. You will edge for me. You will sniff for me. You will take a trip like never before. Welcome to my world. No going back for you now.

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