Talia Mint – Making You My Foot Slave

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Duration: 11:27s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

I can see that you like me. But to tell the truth, I just find you boring… You´re not worthy of my attention and you know it but you still hang around like a little doggie hoping that someday, somehow I might grow to like you. Now that´s never going to happen but since you´re being so persistent I might find a use for you. My feet feel a bit tired after a long day of walking in my tight shoes so why don´t you go ahead and massage them for me! If you do it well I might even let you suck on my toes. They might be a bit smelly but you don´t mind that, do you? You´re just happy to get a tiny bit of attention from me and get to touch my soft skin. If I like how you treat my tired feet I will make you my foot slave… that´s the only thing you could be actually good for.

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