Taboo Fantasy – Agathas Family Album

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Duration: 42:02
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Scene 1: Jerk-Off To MommyAgatha becomes furious when she gets the credit card bill in the mail!!! There is a huge charge on there…..for pornography!!! She knows that her Son is the culprit, so she confronts him. Things are very tight with the household budget since Dad’s hours at the factory were cut back…and the last thing the Family needs is a high bill for pornography!! Agatha tells her Son, that she is sympathetic to the fact that boys his age need to masturbate….but there is no way he can continue buying porn. Agatha tells him that from now on….he can Jerk-Off to her!!! Agatha strips down, and lets her horny, hormone crazy Son Beat-Off to her. After he cums…Agatha begins to put her clothes back on, and tells him that if Mom isn’t around next time he’s horny….to ask his Sister to pose for him, rather than order porn!Scene 2: Moms In The ShowerAgatha has just finished showering…she is drying off…and realizes that her young, sex crazy Son is Whacking-Off to her!! Without causing a big scene…Agatha merely allows him to finish what he’s doing, as she towel dries, and applies lotion to her naked body. Mom reminds him of his household chores as he furiously masturbates to her…and eventually praises him for a big load of cum…inspired by her!!Scene 3: Moms Tits Are SexyWhen Agatha catches her Son going through her bras….AND finds stains on her bras….that she believes are semen stains….Agatha decides to confront her hormone crazy Son!! Mom figures the best way to deal with the awkward situation is….to let him see the objects of his obsession….her tits!!! not only that….Mom also decides to let him Whack-Off to her big tits!!! Hopefully this will satisfy the horny young boy…Scene 4: Sharing A Bed With MomWhat happens when a young boy is forced to share a bed with his Mom? And his Mom is Agatha Delicious? Well….the young boy gets a great big boner!! Agatha is sympathetic to her Son’s “predicament”….and let’s the hormone crazed boy whack-off to her!!! Agatha starts by revealing one breast…and when his boner starts throbbing uncontrollably…..she is nice enough to strip down all the way…while reminding him, as he masturbates….about all his household chores upcoming. When the youngster finishes…Agatha goes back to reading her book. Boys this age need to be handled “carefully”.

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