Sydney Harwin – The Secret Mommy Club

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Duration: 19:43s
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I think it’s time Mommy told you where she’s been going lately. I’ve been visiting a very special place and it’s called ‘The Mommy Club’.. sounds exciting doesn’t it? Last time Mommy went there, I had my nipples sucked and my pussy licked and it made Mommy cum so fucking hard… BUT in order for Mommy to continue her membership at this secret club, I have to bring along an obedient little fuck toy of my very own… your obedient aren’t you Son? First though.. Mommy has to break you in.. we can’t have you complaining when all those hot Mommies start wanting to touch your cock, Son. It won’t just be Mommy you’ll be pleasuring, there will be hundreds of Mommies wanting your stiff dick. Now let’s have none of that complaining… and let Mommy show you how it’s done at The Mommy Club.

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