Sydney Harwin – Girlfriend Secretly Lactates

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Duration: 17:1s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: MILF

Your girlfriend “accidentally” had a look at your internet browsing history and found you have a massive fetish for lactating women! You thought she would be mad, but instead she shares a secret with you… your girlfriend can lactate on command! What the fuck?! You had no idea your girlfriend was breastfeeding… but she tells you she isn’t! Apparently she has a rare medical condition that causes her body to lactate without ever being pregnant! WOW! She spills a few drops of milk for you and tells you it’s okay to masturbate if you want to. She gradually builds up to full on milk squirting, and even gives herself a creamy milk self-facial. Encouraging you to blow your load on her tits, she is overjoyed to know that you love her milk so much!

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