Sydney Harwin – Dad Makes Me Fuck My Brother

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Duration: 23:20s
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Starts off with sucking dads cock. It’s a normal thing for me to do. Dad has been touching me and fucking me and making me suck him for years. I am used to it now. He finishes in my mouth and I swallow as I always do to make him happy. I hate the taste though. I look up and my brother is standing in the doorway. Watching. I tell him to leave, but quickly realise that dad has asked him to come. He wants him here. I ask if my brother knows what has been happening all this time between me and dad. They both admit that my brother has always known and I can’t believe he didn’t do a thing to stop my dad. They were probably both laughing about me behind my back. Dad tells me it’s finally my brothers turn to have a go on me. I object, but whats the point? Dad always gets what he wants anyway. Dad just sits there jerking his cock as he watches his son fuck his daughter. Training his son to use his daughter the same way he does. And what can I do about it? Why couldn’t I have been born into a normal fucking family?

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