Sydney Harwin – Choose Your Own Mommy

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Duration: 50:1s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You need a Mommy, and today, you get to choose one out of four women who want the job. First you meet “Mean Mommy”, who just wants a son to satisfy her. She loves to get her pussy licked and her asshole rimmed, which she tells you to do immediately and without hesitation. She straddles your face and tells you to put your tongue to work inside of her holes. She then sits on your cock and fucks you, but gives you a ruined orgasm when you announce you are about to cum, by taking her pussy off your cock. The second Mommy is “Desperate Mommy”, who is over the moon to have met you! You are just PERFECT to be her son and she wants you to make love to her, slow and hard. She never had the chance to be a Mommy for real, and so hopes that this chance at happiness with you is the key. She spreads her legs and takes you deep, her body crying out for sexual attention from her own son. The third Mommy is “Horny Mommy” who doesn’t even know if she can be maternal towards you, but just needs a good hard fuck. She thinks she can be a good Mommy to you, by satisfying your hunger for pure sex and lust. She takes you in her pussy, before sucking your dick and letting you finish in her filthy mouth. The forth and final Mommy you meet is “Loving Mommy”, who’s words are almost enough to drive you over the edge before she even touches you. She encourages you to come and live with her, as she will keep you safe and she will never judge you. She will satisfy your every sexual wish, and will be totally devoted to looking after you. She takes your cock in her hand and jerks it until you cum whilst looking at her breasts and listening to her soothing voice.

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