SugaryLittle – The Invention of Pull Ups

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In a time/universe where Pull ups/ goodnites /training pants haven’t been invented yet…My husband works at a diaper company and while he’s working at home he tells me he has something to show me. First he tells me there’s a huge untapped market for youth who still have bedwetting issues and adults dealing with incontinence! But their only choices are small pads that don’t hold enough or big bulky adult diapers. So he decided to create something discreet! Pull Ups! He shows me the product and I tell him what a great idea this is. But there’s just one thing…He wants me to model them and test them out! Being a loving wife, I agree, even though I’m embarrassed! He records me in several different scenarios so he can put a video presentation together to present to his boss…First he has me pee the pull ups and do some light exercise in them. Next I’m in business clothes and pee fresh pull ups sitting in a chair as if I’m at work. Then he makes me put on a little nightgown and pee the pull ups laying in bed to show they work for bed wetters. After that, I try on the pull ups with sexy dresses and wet them. This time he makes me go out to a club with them on, wanting to make sure the hold up on a night out (Simulated, quick clip)! Finally he says he has one more test…He needs to make sure they hold up to the rigors of sex!

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