SugaryLittle – The Diapered Ballet

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Duration: 55:29s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m a ballerina chosen by the directer to be the lead in our upcoming performance…but the problem is I’ve been having bladder leaks while dancing. I’m in practice warming up one day when I have a leak big enough that it soaks through my leotard. My friend Emmie notices my distress and gets me to tell her what’s going on. I admit I’m having bladder issues and she reassures me it’s normal. Even she deals with it! She shows me how she wears pads and lets me have a few….The pads have mostly been holding up, but it seems my leaks are getting bigger and bigger. Until one day I leak out of the pad! Everyone in the studio thinks I’m cracking under the pressure. I decide to try pull ups and pampers to hold more pee, but still be discreet. They’re working until I pee my goodnite enough that it creates a bulge under my leotard and the mean girl in the studio, Natalia, notices. She flashes my diaper and embarrasses me in front of everyone. Then she even calls the director behind my back to tell him I’ve been wearing diapers. The director soon comes in to work with us more closely and he pulls me into a separate room to practice with his guidance. But he pushes me hard and my bladder just can’t take it! I end up leaking out of the pampers and soaking my tights and leotard. He tells me he thought this might happen which is why he bought me adult diapers. Then he says he can help me put them on which leads to a naughty diaper fuck! From then on he has me wear the big diapers at practice, which pisses Natalia off. She decides to put a binky and a bottle in my bag along with a mean note to make me feel bad. This backfires on her when the director tells her that as punishment she’ll be wearing a diaper each night of the performance too!!….On the night of the first performance Emmie comes in to check on me and sees that I’m nervous about dancing in a diaper. She has a surprise for me and lifts up her skirt to reveal she’s wearing a diaper too! She says she’s wearing one to make me feel better! Then Emmie, Natalie, and I dance in our big crinkly diapers!

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