SugaryLittle – Luna Bullied and Diapered at School

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I walk into school reading a book and the popular girls stop me. Bridget says that if I have time to read a book, why not do her math homework for her? I try to tell her I need to use the bathroom so maybe we can talk later. But she stops me and presses down on my bladder until I piss myself in front of everyone in the hall!! A teacher comes over and escorts me to the nurses office. The nurse tells me that they have a strict school policy that when a student has an accident they must wear diapers. She makes me go back to class in just goodnites since I got pee on my skirt! When I walk into class all the other students laugh at me and call me Leaky Luna…The next day I walk into class and my teacher comes up to me asking me if I’m wearing a diaper. I tell him I didn’t know I had to wear one today too. He calls the nurse down and she starts to put a fresh pair of goodnites on me in front of the whole class. I get so stressed out that I piss myself as soon as she pulls them on me. The class laughs at me as I leak and the nurse angrily takes me to the nurses office. She makes me wear a big diaper so I don’t leak onto the floor again (AlphaGatorz diaper). During lunch time Bridget grabs me and makes me sit with her popular friends so they can make fun of me. The boys take it a different direction though and start being perverted! They press down on my bladder like Bridget did and make me piss my big diaper! Then they squeeze it until I get up and run away to go to the nurses office. She’s not in so I decide to go hide in the bathroom. I can’t help but feel a little turned on by the feeling of the wet diaper and the attention the boys were giving me. I rub myself in the diaper until the bell suddenly rings! Then I’m in class and I start to have to pee. I don’t want to get up and draw attention to myself so I decide that the diaper can handle one more pee. I go and leak a little, but it holds up mostly. Once class is over I walk towards the nurses office in my soaked diaper when suddenly I’m grabbed by the popular boys at lunch. They drag me into the boys locker room and are convinced that I’m getting off on wetting myself, which I try to deny. But I can’t help but moan as they rub me over my diaper. I suck them off as they play my diapered pussy. Then they take turns fucking me and cumming in me (one uses my ass).

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