SorceressBebe – Boyfriend Gets Beat up and Cucked

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Duration: 15:8s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Sexy lingerie, barefoot, sitting on the couch with your legs crossed. Showing off your legs, and your feet a little bit. Telling me you just can’t keep pretending to actually like me anymore. Now that you’ve taken all my money i have nothing to offer anymore. You tell me how small my dick is. How wimpy and fat i am, and how disgusted you are everytime you have to look at me. You tell me that you’ve called up your boyfriend to come kick my ass just for thinking i’d ever have a chance with you. You’d describe in detail how he’s gonna make me his punching bag. Then fuck you on top of my beaten body and face. You’d tell me how hot and muscular he is and how much bigger his dick is. Now you’ll allow me to be your slave.

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