Sofie Marie – Ungloved Love

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Duration: 39:11s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Sofie Marie is in a hot wife relationship with her husband. He lets Sofie have sex with Will Tile, as long as he always wears a condom, and never cums inside her. Today, Sofie has her bull Will over while her husband is at work, and Sofie decides, today, she is gonna break all the rules. Sofie is wearing a tank top and short shorts when Will arrives. Sofie gets to work blowing him before Will rips off her tank top to get to the fucking. Sofie loves how much better it feels raw, and she doesn’t care how mad her husband will be when he finds out she didn’t use a condom. Clearly, her bull much bigger/better he is than her husband, and she loves to feel full. Will licks her puss, and Sofie licks Will’s ass and balls. Sofie wants ALL HOLES FILLED and Will obliges by thrusting his 10 inch BBC in her pussy, mouth and ass! Afterwords, Sofie calls her husband to share her experiences, and she lies about the ungloved love!

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