Sloansmoans – Cum Soaked Secretary

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Duration: 25:13s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Watch as your secretary blackmails you into seduction. I saw my bosses search history and I now know he likes porn. I meet with him in a sexy little outfit and confront him about his vice and proceed to share with him that I’ve fantasized about making him cum and that I want him. I start tempting and seducing and he’s hesitant at first, so I tell him that if he doesn’t give me what I want, I’ll tell everyone at the office that he fucked me. He gives in to me… of course. I start by teasing him with my big tits for a while because I know how much he loves them. I let my nipples slip out and then cover them back up to drive him wild. I then proceed with make him cum FOUR TIMES, all while moaning and dirty talking about how much I love and need his cum all over me. At the end when I’m covered in his cum I tell him that I love the mess we made and that I will be coming back to him for more… enjoy me, xo

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