Selena Ryan – Savage Humiliation Wife Cucks You

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Duration: 30:18s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This 30 minute 4K cuckolding vid is all about the nastiest, meanest humiliation and features Selena Ryan at her most dominant and bitchy! The video opens with Selena in a slutty stripper outfit (slingshot bikini and stiletto heels) teasing you, her husband. You think she put this on for you, but she quickly reveals that she put it on for someone else, her BBC coworker who she’s invited over for dinner tonight. She’s going to fuck him right in front of you to humiliate you like the loser cuck you are! After some twerking and teasing, Selena makes you clean her pussy and asshole for her date by licking her nasty holes. Her femdom dirty talk is caustic and degrading throughout. The doorbell rings and Selena gets up to invite her BBC date inside. Cut to doggy fucking. You watch helplessly as your wife’s hung friend fucks her from behind, all the while she moans in ecstasy. She gives you humiliating SPH talk while she takes his big dick and reminds you that you deserve to be treated like trash, bringing you to the brink of tears and teasing you as your eyes well up. Next, Selena gets fucked missionary. She tells you that from now on, the only time you’ll get to see her pussy is when a big black cock is sliding in and out of it. Selena then gets on top for several minutes of impressive squat riding. Her barrage of degrading femdom humiliation talk continues as her big fat ass bounces up and down on her BBC cock. She also does some reverse cowgirl riding, where she bullies you for spending so much on her wedding ring only to get cucked like the idiot bitch you are. Finally, she lets her BBC date creampie her pussy, explaining that he earned the right to mark his territory because he actually fucked her like a real man. She slides off and mocks you as she proudly displays the huge load of cum leaking from her freshly fucked cunt. The clips ends with some impregnation / breeding fetish talk as Selena explains that she hopes she’ll get pregnant from his seed.

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