ScarlettBelle – Play a Risky Game

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Duration: 7:29s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Ready to take a little risk? Tempt fate? I don’t think you can resist the urge to stroke to me…even if your wife is nearby. Is she in the shower? Reading in the next room? Snoozing next to you in bed? Go on, take your cock out and jerk to me. And while you’re at it, take of your headphones. I want you to hear every filthy word I say loud and clear! Think you can resist? I’m sure your objections will melt away as I bounce my ass in your face and slowly strip out of my sexy lingerie. I know your wife never dresses up for you like this, and she never gets you this hard. She’s nothing compared to me. Forget she exists and give in to your true desires. I don’t care if she hears every single moan!

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