Sarah Rae – Roommate Seduces You 1080p

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Duration: 12:42
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Its the weekend and your new busty roommate is about to do the laundry. She’s been going around the house in a cleavage shirt and tight pants, gathering up all her dirty clothes 😉 She knows that you’re obsessed with her huge tits but are too shy to admit it. Today she wants to have some fun with you and stops by to chat before throwing her clothes in the wash. She lets you know that she notices you checking her out all the time. You refuse to admit it but she’s not taking no for an answer 😉 She starts teasing you and playing with her big tits, trying to get you to admit that you want to fuck her. She shows you her bra, then takes it off underneath her shirt and shakes her tits around braless in her tight cleavage top. You still refuse to admit it so she decides to finish gathering up her dirty clothes by adding the ones she’s currently wearing to the hamper 😉 She gets completely naked, shows off her sexy body, bounces her big tits and moans while telling you how badly she knows you want to fuck her. Then she grabs her laundry and heads into the laundry room naked where she suggests you should follow her 😉

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