Sarah DiAvola – Ruined Orgasm CBT and JOI Chris 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 07:23
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Hello, chris. Thank you, so much, for fueling your own masturbation habit through My clips. As thanks, I want you to hurt your balls for Me. Sounds fun, huh? Start it up and follow My orders, and think about all the dirty things I’ve made you do in all of the content you’ve purchased. I bet you can’t wait to watch them all over again. SLAP THEM. Good. I’m going to guide you through a painful and exciting edging game. Tug and release, jerk and stop – but you have to “push in order to pull,” so to speak. Follow directions to earn your jerks. Do it again. I wanna see those balls ooze out from between your fingers. I want to see………. Up and down, pain and pleasure, agony and ecstasy! It only ends when you’re ready to cum. Pained and aroused, taunted and teased, I want you to hurt yourself just for ME. and YEAH I’m gonna fucking ruin it by making you SMASH yourself in the balls. It’s easy to cum for Me, isn’t it, even with your balls being smashed and surrendered to Me? Even though you know how bad it’s going to HURT when I finally let you CUM. I have your balls in the palm of My hand – because I have control of your hand. I say “chris” periodically throughout this video, but My voice is so sweet and soft, and the instances are so few, it’s easy to tune it out and replace it with your own name. I did not remove out-takes from this video.

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