Sarah DiAvola – No Choice CEI

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Duration: 12:44
Quality: 1850x1080

If you’re not able to eat your own cum, if the thought of it repulses you to the point where you physically can’t bring your jizz-soaked hand to your mouth, I will help you. I will make you eat My lover’s cum, then eating your own will seem easy as eating sweet, fluffy cream pie. I’ll make you eat that, too.Listen to Me describe how it will happen, you cum-coward. From fuck to salty, juicy cream pie…The details of My fucking this man, in front of you, My husband, will make you moan in heartbreak like a boy broken. I let him do such naughty things to My beautiful body. Things you can’t ever even hope to do to your own Wife. Cheating on you. The chastity device I make you wear is an emasculating, persistent reminder of your place as My neglected sexual failure of a husband.And rubbing it in your face – literally….After I’ve used and dismissed the bull cock, after he’s filled Me up with semen, it’s double-dessert time. I’ll be sure to clench My pussy muscles so not a drop of hot cum drips out. That’s for you.I think you know what happens next. There is no choice but to open your mouth as I lower My pussy and ass onto your pleading, sorry face. This will teach you to disobey Me. Wouldn’t it be better if it was your own cum, and not the load of a monster-cock bull stranger?After that, I will release you from your chastity device. It will be a romantic evening of edging, teasing, and denying you. I’ll build you up like only I know how, stopping as soon as I feel the surge of pressure push inside your cock shaft. Stopping. Watching you shudder. Disappointing you. Letting you drop back to base line. Then, in cruel ecstasy, stroking your dick fast enough to bring you to the edge all over again. I’m priming the pump for an explosive orgasm – you’ve already been in chastity for so long, I’m sure there is a huge load in your balls anyway. I’m going to make it come out like a rocket.Then, bashful bitch, I’m going to force you to cum and I will scoop it into your filthy little mouth before you finish ejaculating. So you have no choice but to accept the cum load from My fingers, since you’ll already have your mouth open for O-face anyway. See, the reason I’m with you is that you obey Me. Not friendship, not love. Obedience. And if you had just done as I told you and eaten your own cum the first time, you would have one less load to swallow. It’s logic. Eating one load saves you from eating another one. If you’re not careful, you’re going to spoil your dinner.It’s a shame that your one night out of the jail of chastity was spent on punishment and training. But that’s your fault. It is always better to obey Wifey. There is no other choice.

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