Sara Saint – Get Sporty for Goddess

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Duration: 13:52s
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My goal is simply to live healthier and feel better with my body, not to reach a certain body ideal. So that this project will succeed, You could be a mental couch to encourage me to exercise. Because you know for sure that I’m highly motivated to obey you as my Queen. After the greeting, you can say that you have heard that I want to exercise but I have difficulties overcoming my weaker self and that you want to help me. Mention the health benefits very briefly. And that with more strength and endurance, it will of course allow me to better serve all the women in my life in helping them in ways that require physical effort. In between a little teasing. You can also ask rhetorically if it’s not worth it for this (your) perfect ass to move mine ass too. Please say that you want me to start working out according to a fixed plan. And that you strongly recommend that I set up a corner in my apartment where I can regularly workout undisturbed so that it can more easily become a solid habit. But that I always take a rest day after a maximum of 2 training days, so that the muscles can recover (btw. actually the prevailing opinion in sports medicine). And very important – please say something about feeling in my body during and especially after the workout how good the exercise does me. And yes, that it can even feel sensual, sexy and erotic! And we should introduce a rule – on the scheduled workout days no jerking before I have completed the workout. No humiliation in this clip, please, I wish really strong encouragement from you, so to say positive femdom!

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