Sadbaffoon – Try Playing With This Distraction 720p

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Custom request – I would like you to be freshly shaved/waxed again and wearing only a short miniskirt and button-up shirt…no panties or bra. I would like the shirt to be partially unbuttoned so that your fabulous tits are visible when you bend over…the idea being to let me see them dangling and swaying when you are leaning forward (as seen here). The camera would be from my POV as last time and from a similar distance (as in photo). Since you discovered my fixation on my sister’s pussy, you often hang out without any panties…often forgetting because it has become so routine. The video should start with you playing solitaire on the floor…sitting on your knees and leaning forward as you play so that I can your tits as they bounce about and fall out of your shirt. You pretend to not notice me lingering…letting me enjoy the view for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you notice me standing there and ask me to play a game with you. I tell you that I don’t have time, but you say please…telling me that you are so bored. I try to come up with an excuse…but then you turn around and sit up, giving me a peek under your skirt. I can tell you aren’t wearing panties, so I decide that I would like to play after all. You then sit with your legs spread as we begin to play, not aware that you are flashing me your pussy. The deck should be on the floor between us so that when I need to reach for a card, your pussy is just inches beyond. You would make small talk as we play and shift positions on occasion, each a bit more revealing than the previous. I would want you give me more and more lingering views, as well as more open looks at your pussy as the video progresses. After a few minutes, you notice that I don’t seem to be paying much attention to the game…you ask me why I’m so distracted and if I want to keep playing. Of course I want to continue playing, but I don’t tell you what is grabbing my attention. We keep playing and you notice that I am taking my time as I reach for a card….nearly touching your pussy each time. (note…I would like you to work in close up clips of your pussy to simulate my view as I pick a card). A few minutes later, you notice that I am staring and look down to see your pussy is exposed to me. At first, you act embarrassed again and close your legs…apologizing for flashing me. When I tell you that I actually was enjoying the view…you smile as if you know, saying that you were just making sure I still didn’t mind. You then smile coyly and open your legs back up to the same position as before. We hang out for a few more minutes and you make small talk as you let me ogle …as if nothing is unusual. Finally, you thank me for hanging out with you and tell me that you never thought you would enjoy spending time with your brother so much.

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