Sadbaffoon – Teen Nymph Fantasizes About Step Dad 720p

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I caught daddy staring at me during dinner tonight. I could feel my panties starting to soak with his eyes on me. I was waiting so patiently until after dinner to run to my room and touch myself but it’s taking so long for my mom to finish eating, I just excused myself. I saw my mom and my step dad having sex the other day, I got to take a peek at his huge cock. I want it so badly. I went to the sex shop and picked out a dildo that looks just like his cock. I’m trying it out right now while my they finish up eating dinner. I started off by fingering myself and imagining daddy’s hands all over me and his fingers in me, instead of mine. While touching myself I decided that I wanted to know what daddy’s cock would feel like in my throat, I also wanted to practice so when I please him for the first time I’m really good at it and he’s super impressed! Once I’m not able to take it anymore and I need to feel his big cock fill me up, I get on top and start riding it with my titties out and bouncing around. It feels so good to be filled up balls deep that I end up cumming so quickly all over this toy. If only it was actually daddy’s cock and he could feel my pussy tightening up around him. Then I turn around and ride my toy with my butt “facing daddy”. I wonder if he’d enjoy the view. He hasn’t had teen pussy in so long, how could he not? I keep riding the toy until I get a good hang on how to keep a steady pace. Then I remembered I also bought some fake cum lube at the store when I got my dildo, I thought about how hot it would be if daddy were to fill me up with his warm and sticky cum. If he got me pregnant, I’d probably keep it just so I could fuck him for the rest of my life. I squeezed some of the lube into a cup and took a plastic syringe and filled it up with the sticky looking white stuff. Then I stuck it in my pussy and filled it up with the lube. It felt so slimy going in me! A little bit started to drip out and I wanted it to be realistic, so I shoved the dildo in me super quick before it could all drip out and pretended that daddy was filling me up with his warm load. While it drips out of me slowly, I rub my clit and hope that one day I have the courage to make this real life.

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