Sadbaffoon – Teasing Ignoring My Step Bro 720p

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Duration: 16:19
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Custom Request – The premise of the video would be that you are my bratty little sister, and you like to hang out around the house without much clothing on to tease me and my friends. Please be wearing only the pink bodysuit with the snap crotch as in your Technology Slut video …no panties or bra. Please have your hair down and be freshly shaved/waxed. The video should start with you coming into the room and asking to hang out…sitting down just a few feet away so that I have the perfect view of you. Please make sure the camera is from my POV near floor level and that the lighting is directed at your ass/pussy so that there is no shadow on your lovely parts. You know that I don’t really like you hanging around but you don’t care…you know that you can “persuade” me to let you do just about anything. As you begin looking at your phone (texting, watching video, checking social media, etc.) I start to complain about you disturbing me while I study… but then you glance over at me with a sly grin as you put one knee up to expose your snap-crotch to me. I realize that you’re not wearing any panties underneath, so I stop complaining…becoming mesmerized by the view as I imagine what lies just behind those snaps. You leave your legs open as you continue, trying to ignore me as you concentrate on your phone (see photo that follows for position and distance) You sarcastically ask me what I was complaining about…but I say never mind. You then ask me if I mind that you hang around for a while…I reply that I guess I don’t mind so much. You smile, and ask me why the change in tune…saying that I usually don’t have any interest in spending time together. All the while, you know that you will enjoy teasing me with your pussy. After a couple minutes, I suggest that we make a deal if you want to stay in my room. You ask what kind of deal I have in mind, and I tell you that I want you to unsnap your bodysuit. You appear to act uncomfortable about showing your pussy to your brother, but in your mind you know that your bratty plan was working. You taunt me by asking if it will be too much of a distraction since I’m trying to study. You then say that you guess there wouldn’t be any harm in letting me look…and you slowly unsnap one at a time to reveal your gorgeous pussy. You keep your legs open as you go back to your phone and pretend to ignore me …occasionally opening wider and closing to torment me. You glance over at me with your eyes to make sure I am still watching and see how entranced I have become….you laugh to yourself as you think about what you’re doing to me. A few minutes later, you catch me me staring again. You tease me again about never wanting to hang around with you…taunting me by asking why I am so interested today. Ever the brat, you ask me if I see something I like. I then confess that I find the view of my sister’s pussy to be really hot. You smile coyly and say “so you really like it, huh?” I tell you it’s amazing…and that I can’t stop looking. You know you have found a weakness to exploit, so you laugh to yourself. You continue to pretend ignoring me for the rest of video, flaunting your pussy on full display for me to enjoy. At one point, I would like if you could let one strap fall off your shoulder so that one boob falls out. After a minute, you realize that your tit is exposed and you cover it back up….pretending as if you’re embarrassed by that, all while your pussy is on full display. You catch me starring out of the corner of your eye on occasion and smile. I would also like you to taunt me a couple times by closing your legs, only to look over at me a few seconds later and open back wide …biting your lip and playing with your hair to create a flirtatious vibe. Finally, I would want you to end the video by alluding to wanting additional favors in the future for letting me enjoy the view.

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