Sadbaffoon – Take Care Of Me Age Play 1080p

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Duration: 09:46
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I just want to be taken care of by you. It makes me so wet to think about you being my daddy, telling me what to do and making sure I’m always safe. Do you want to see how wet you make mer? Look how pink and dripping wet you get me. Please be my daddy. I’ll do what ever you say and be your good little girl. If I’m not you can punish me, please punish me. I could cum just thinking about it. Watch me cum daddy! Or even better cum with me! I know you like that idea, daddy. Me pleasing your cock and being there whenever you need a slutty little girl to make you cum. I’m so close to cumming for you. I’ll prove that I’m a good little slut that deserves your love, daddy.

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