Sadbaffoon – Study Buddies Giving My First Bj 720p

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My teacher paired me up with some guy that doesn’t ever do his work. I’m not looking forward to studying with him but I need to get participation points so I went over to his house to study today. Right when I get there and open up the book, he starts distracting me. Ugh I knew this wasn’t going to work out. I tried to ignore him and continue studying but then I smelled pot!! Wow you smoke pot too! This couldn’t get any worse. He offers me a hit but I make it clear, I’m a good girl. I don’t do that stuff. He insists and taunts me with “aren’t you curious to know what it feels like?” He got me there. I am curious. I gave in and took a hit after he explained how. I didn’t feel anything so I decided to get back to studying. After a few minutes passed I started to feel a little funny. I didn’t want to study anymore this book is so boring! I asked him if he wanted to keep hanging out and he suggested we play truth or dare. I haven’t played that in so long lets do it! After daring him to take a big bong rip, he dared me to do the same! I’m such a light weight so I got really stoned and wasn’t feeling like myself. He dared me to flash my bra which wasn’t a big deal to me. He clearly started to get hard afterwards because then he dared me to suck his dick! I’ve never done that before but… What’s do lose?

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