Sadbaffoon – Showing Off To My Brother Amp His Friends 720p

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Custom request- You are practicing your routine to get ready for dance team tryouts. Please be freshly shaved/waxed as usual and wearing your hair in a pony tail. You should be wearing the micro mini skirt, draped tank, and legwarmers…no panties or bra. The video should start with you doing warm-up stretches…preferably revealing poses that emphasize and accentuate your lovely ass and pussy (as seen in photos). You are not aware that your brother and a couple of his buddies have come in and are now transfixed on you. You continue to perform various exercises as they enjoy the show. Finally, you notice them in the room…surprised and slightly embarrassed, you say that you didn’t know anyone was home. Brother says he hopes they didn’t startle you. He continues to say that they couldn’t help but stare because they were impressed with your flexibility and didn’t know you were so athletic. You are skeptical that is what they were really admiring, but you act flattered…smile and thank them for the compliments. You then ask if they could watch your routine and let you know what they think. Before you begin, you remember that your practice outfit is a bit revealing. You know how much your brother enjoys your lack of clothing, but you ask if his buddies will mind that you are a little bit on display….of course, they don’t mind at all! You find the attention a little exciting and are going to enjoy letting these guys ogle you, so you decide to make the routine a bit more risque than usual. I will let you come up with the routine as we discussed. I am hoping for plenty of slutty moves such as bending over, twerking, splits, and anything that makes your tits and ass jiggle/shake. The camera should be located near the floor as if the guys are sitting down to watch…and getting a nice view under your skirt. After your dance, you grab a water and sit down across from them…. with legs open and one knee up so that your pussy is essentially right in their face as a final tease. You remain in that position as you then ask them what they they think. You ask if the coach will like your moves and if it will be enough to make the team. You thank them for letting you show them your stuff….telling them that they were a big help and hopefully they didn’t mind watching.

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