Sadbaffoon – Showing Daddy How Flexible I Am 720p

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I got home from gymnastics and the first think I wanted to do was show my daddy what I had learned, of course! I’m a good little girl. I took daddy to my room and showed off my cute new leotard. He loves it. That makes me so happy. I showed him my new trick, which was me putting my legs all the way behind my head. I was so proud because I could do it before all the other girls in my class could. Daddy had an awesome suggestion! He said I should try out the trick, but without my leotard. That’s different and sure to impress! So I did it in front of daddy so he could tell me how I look. He suggested that I should use mommy’s vibrating toy with my legs behind my head! I have seen mommy using that toy so I knew what it was, but I never tried it. Daddy said it would be fun, so I gave it a shot because daddy knows best. It was soooo much fun!

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