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You went with your GF to meet her parents. It was a couple hours drive out there so you had to call off of work for the weekend. Your GF takes you into her old bedroom that she grew up in. Seeing this pink bedroom and imagining what your GF was like as a teenager kind of turned you on. She started to thank you and say you are the best boyfriend ever for coming all the way out here to meet her parents. She asked if there was anything she could do to repay you? After thinking about it long and hard, you figured it wouldn’t be too awful to be honest. You said it would be so hot if she made you cum in her childhood bedroom. Hesitant because it’s taboo and because her parents are downstairs, she took some convincing but eventually gave in. First she touched herself for you on the pink bed that she slept in every night when she was younger. Seeing how naughty and taboo she was being made your cock grow so hard. After watching her touch herself, she pulled your cock out of your pants and put it in her warm wet mouth. She sucked on you while expressing that it was her first time sucking a cock in this bed! She got so turned on, gagging on your cock, that she begged for you to fuck her. You fucked her missionary on the bed while trying to be quiet since her parents were downstairs. It was so hard not to moan. Her pussy felt so good. You turn her over and fuck her from behind. You were fucking her so hard that she ended up cumming all over your cock while biting her tongue to keep quiet. After you make her cum, you turn her over on the side and fuck her until you cum all over her pussy trying hard not to get it on the blanket she’s had since she was younger. After coming back from cleaning up in the bathroom, your GF started to talk about how much fun she had and how hot she thought that was. Good thing for her, you packed her hitachi without her knowing. You suggested maybe since she likes being naughty while her parents are home, she cums one more time for you with her loud hitachi. Again hesitating, she eventually gives in and eagerly cums on her toy for you while trying her best to keep quiet.

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