Sadbaffoon – Seducing My Tutor Into A Secret Bj 720p

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My super hot tutor came over today to help me write my paper for my political science class but the whole time I was distracted by how attractive he was and how I could see how big his cock was through his tight pants. I really want to get a good grade on this paper but I crave his cock in my mouth. I don’t think I’ll be able to concentrate until I fill my desires. I asked him if he had a girlfriend to see if he’d be willing and easy to seduce and he said no!! I was so surprised, he’s so attractive. I told him I thought he was the hottest professor at school and that I fantasize about him sometimes. I saw him get nervous and uncomfortable but I also noticed his cock starting to swell. I put my hand on his knee to try and calm his nerves. I told him that he doesn’t need to be uncomfortable and that I know what he really wants. He was hesitant because my mom was in the other room, but I reassured him she’d have no clue and would leave us alone. I got on my knees and begged him to take it out. I promised it would be our little secret. Finally he gave in and took it out for me. I got to fill my tiny little mouth up with his cock and it made me the happiest little slut ever. I hope he thinks about it when he sees me sitting in his class. I drained his balls into my mouth. I promised that no one would find out as long as he continues tutoring me 😉

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