Sadbaffoon – Seducing Amp Blackmailing My Step Dad 720p

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You’re sitting in your room, on your computer, doing some work, and your bubbly little step daughter comes waltzing into the room. She’s wearing a tight black dress and her cleavage is popping out at you. She hops onto your bed and asks you if you like her new dress, you really really do. She mentions how your opinion is the only one she cares about, because you are her step dad. That makes you feel really special. She starts talking about how she hears you and her mom fighting all the time and how she fears you’re being neglected sexually. She turns around, lifts her dress, and asks if her panties look familiar. Nervous and mumbling you say they don’t look familiar. She said she took them from mom, figuring she never wears them for you anymore. She brings up how if mom doesn’t satisfy you anymore, she’s also around and willing to make you feel good. You feel your cock swelling in your pants at the idea, but you say no. It’s a bad idea, you keep telling yourself. She points your erection out and suggests that you like the idea and should do what you want. She takes your cock out and you can’t help it but let her. Your step daughter starts slobbering all over your cock and it feels so good and so wrong. She masturbates and cums for you after, it seems like she likes to tease you. Then she begs you to fill her with your huge cock. You start fucking her and get mesmerized by her young, tight, pink pussy. You fuck her hard in doggy style and end up cumming all over her stomach. She gets up to go clean up and when she comes back she has some news. She said she recorded videos of you while you were having sex. She wants a new car and if you don’t get it for her, she’s telling your wife. Uh oh.

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