Sadbaffoon – Pov Foot Job Cei Cum Countdown 720p

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Duration: 11:21
Quality: 1280x720 HD

In this video I start out wearing some frilly white socks and I slowly take them off for you. Then I grab some massage oil and start to rub and worship my feet. After my feet are all oily and lubed up, I take your cock out and start to tease it with my toes. Just playing around with your cock and teasing you, only enough to get your cock hard but not enough for you to really get a lot of pleasure. After teasing you for a bit, I lube up your cock and get it extra slippery for me and I start to dirty talk to you and tell you how I love the way your slimy cock feels between my toes. When finally I’ve built it up enough that you’re ready to cum, I take my toes away and tell you its not time yet! I’m not done playing! I tell you that we can do a cum countdown and that when I get to 1, you have permission to blow your fat load over my toes. After cumming on my feet, I make you lick them off until they’re all nice and clean. What a good boy!

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