Sadbaffoon – Please Take Care Of Me Daddy 720p

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Duration: 13:30
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Your daughter comes home from a little skate around town. She sits down by the door to take her skates off and you can tell something is off. You ask her what’s wrong and she says that she tripped and fell while skating and hurt her knees. You offer to help clean her up and bandage her cuts up. She’s so happy that her daddy is willing to help her and be there for her. After helping her clean up, she opens up to you about how you’re always taking care of her but no one ever takes care of you. She can see how lonely you’ve been. She suggests that you guys spent the night together and snuggle in bed tonight. You love this idea, it sounds nice. After a few hours your daughter comes to your room dressed in her jammies and gets into bed with you. After snuggling for a while you notice your cock is getting hard, pressed up against your daughters ass. She asks you if you have anything hard in your pants but you say no and to just ignore it. A while after you can’t take it anymore, you suggest she takes her pants off because it’s getting hot in the room. She does it with no problem because she wants to make her daddy happy. You can’t take it anymore. You feel her wet pussy against you and you take your cock out and start to rub it against her. She wakes up and asks you what you’re doing, but you proceeded to say that if she wants to take care of you, this is how she can. Only wanting to please you and make you happy, she lets you fuck her. She really starts to fall in love with having daddy’s cock buried in her. She finishes you off by swallowing every drop of your cum. ( I actually did fall while skating these are all real scratches lmao. I wanted to make a video but wanted to make the bandaids make sense)

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