Sadbaffoon – Please Don T Go Bro I Love You 1080p

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Duration: 12:17
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You’re headed off to college in a few days and you’re spending your day packing for the moving truck. Your little sister comes in and wants to talk to you. She explains how much she’s going to miss you while you’re gone. She’s afraid that the space between you guys will ruin your relationship. Is it weird that I think I might be in love with you big bro? You’re not going to run off, go get a girlfriend and forget about me right? I can be your girlfriend if that’s what you want. I remember that one time you snuck into my room while I was in bed. I know you’re attracted to me, I’ll never forget about that. Then your little sister gets on her knees and opens her mouth for your cock. I feel like we’re meant to be together big bro! Your cock fits so perfectly in my mouth. You can’t leave me here now that I know what your cock feels like in my pussy! I’ll never stop thinking about you. Please don’t leave bro, I love you so much! We’re meant to be.

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