Sadbaffoon – Mornings With You Gfe Bj 720p

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Duration: 12:38
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You slept at your girlfriend’s house last night which you usually don’t get to do because of work. She comes to wake you up in the morning with a bunch of kisses. She says she’s making coffee and to come out into the kitchen when you’re ready. Once waking up, you head out to the kitchen and find your girlfriend in cute little shorts and a crop top, making you coffee. She pulls down her shorts and teases you a little bit once she realizes you’re staring. She gestures you to go sit down at the counter while she finishes making coffee. She talks about how much she loves being able to spend the morning with you and make you coffee. After she’s done, you guys head over to the couch to enjoy the coffee and watch some stand up comedy. Your girlfriend keeps getting distracted and looking over to you. Finally she admits that she’s horny, but she’s on her monthly and doesn’t want to make a mess right now. She asks if she can just please you right now. Of course you’re down so she takes your cock out and pleases you while talking about how much she loves your cock in her mouth until she turns around and makes you cum all over her ass. (THIS VIDEO IS SUPER WHOLESOME. A GOOD MAJORITY OF IT IS NON SEXUAL AND SFW. IF YOU’RE A ROMANTIC AND YOU WANT TO SPEND A MORNING WITH ME BUT ALSO DO SEXY STUFF, THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU. IF YOU ARE JUST TRYING TO GET THAT NUT, I’D RECOMMEND ONE OF MY OTHER VIDS.)

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