Sadbaffoon – Mommy Takes Your Virginity Taboo Pov 720p

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You had a very bad day at school so when you got home you sat down on the couch to sulk a little bit. Your mom comes out of her room to find you and of course is pushing you to tell her what’s wrong. After a bit of convincing, you give in and tell her that everyone at school has lost their virginity already and you haven’t yet. It has you feeling a bit down about yourself. Your mom reminds you that it’s not you, the time just hasn’t come for you yet. She starts telling you how she was actually a big slut in high school and knows everything there is to know about sex! This caught you by surprise. Your mom? A slut?! No way. Your mom brings up a crazy idea and offers to take your virginity so she can teach you everything. She stands up and begins to shake her ass in your face and pulling her pants down, seducing you and making your cock hard. She says you’ll be so much better than all the guys in your class since you have a grown woman teaching you. Your mom bends down and starts unbuttoning your pants, telling you not to be nervous because she’s going to make you feel so good. Your moms wet and warm mouth feels amazing. You’ve never experienced anything like it so you just take it. After sucking your cock, your mom recommends you guys move to your room so you have a bed to lay on. Your mom bends over onto your bed in doggy style and says she’s going to teach you how to please her now. She pulls down her panties and pushes your face into her pussy. Your mom starts directing you how to lick pussy. After she’s so turned on and can’t take it anymore your mom starts begging for your cock in her. She turns over and spreads her legs. Your mom asks you if you’re ready to feel pussy for the first time as you push your cock into her. You end up making your mom cum all over your cock and it feels so good to have her pulsing on you. Your mom gets on top and starts riding you. You can feel the cum inching closer and closer to the tip of your cock. Your mom gets on her knees and you blow a huge load all over her tits. Aren’t you glad your mommy is here to teach you?

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