Sadbaffoon – Manipulating An Insecure Girl Online 720p

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Duration: 13:12
Quality: 1280x720 HD

You’re clicking through the live chat room website and you come across this sweet and attractive looking girl. She’s excited to see you. You guys discuss personal lives and you get a feeling that she doesn’t like herself or get attention from guys often. You decide to take a bit of advantage of the situation. You complement her a ton and make her feel comfortable with you. You tell her that if you went to her school, she’d get all of your attention. After you notice she’s feeling special, you ask her if she can show you her boobs. She hesitates because she’s worried you’ll screenshot them. You ask her if she’d feel better if you showed her your cock at the same time. She agreed that this was fair. After showing you her perky tits, you push it a bit farther. You ask her if she minds showing you more, she says as long as you keep your cock out she can. She turns around and goes into doggy style to slide her panties to the side. She has a beautiful pink pussy. Now you’re rock hard and you can’t control yourself anymore so you ask if she’d mind helping you cum or maybe join in and cum with you. She shrugs and says she’ll help since you’ve already seen everything anyways. She takes of her panties and touches herself for you in multiple positions. She willingly does everything you ask because you make her feel so good about herself. You both end up cumming at the same time. You might have recorded the whole thing, but it’s just for you. She will never know.

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