Sadbaffoon – Making Your Day Better Gfe 720p

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After a long hard day, your girlfriend comes home and meets you in your bedroom. She said she wants to talk to you for a second. She explains her love for you and how much she admires you. She picked up some of your favorite cookies on her way over there. It really cheers you up to see how much your girlfriend cares about you and wants to make your night better. After eating some cookies, she pulls out a joint and lights it up. You don’t smoke much, but this is a nice occasion. While you guys smoke she starts putting on a show for you and teasing you with her breasts. She points out how she can see your cock swelling in your pants. She pulls your cock out and wraps her warm, wet lips around it. After sucking your cock, she tells you to get on the floor with her and she starts riding you. When you decide you want to take control, you put her onto the bed and fuck her hard in doggy style. Once you finish and cum all over her face, she suggests you guys finish the joint and cookies. It ended up being a pretty great day <3

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