Sadbaffoon – Making You Cum Fast Amp Teasing You 720p

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Your pathetic cock and boy brain is in my complete control now. My little wet hole practically turns you into a zombie, unable to control yourself or your cock. I’m going fuck all the cum out of your balls. I tease you with my hole until I see your cock bulging out of your pants. Then I start fingering myself and making my pussy all wet and juicy. I’m so wet and it’s making this heavenly squishy sound that’s making you squirm. I told you this pussy controls you. I put your cock in my pussy and fuck it for you, nice and slow. You look like your going to cum already. Go ahead. Fall in love with my pussy and forget about everything. Let this wet, tight, and warm hole take over your mind and let your balls drain inside of me. I know I said that you should cum in me and to let yourself go quickly but it’s honestly really pathetic how fast you are. I didn’t even get close to cumming. My pussy is so dissatisfied. I think it’d only be fair if you had to watch me finish myself off while talking about how pathetic you are.

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