Sadbaffoon – Last Time Hooking Up With My Fwb 720p

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My friends with benefits came over tonight like he does on every weekend. I could sense something was off right when he walked in the door. He told me he had something he wanted to talk about. Oh god! He sat me down and said that he met someone new and he’s interested in dating them seriously. Deep down, this made me really sad. I know we’re just having sex, but I’m really going to miss his company and cock! But of course I acted like I was fine. I told him I was happy for them and wish them the best. But since he was already there and because I’m a big slut, I asked him if he wanted to have sex one last time. What an amazing last time it was. I gagged on his cock. He pounded me silly until my pussy was soaking and throbbing. I rode him until my legs were so exhausted and then he fucked me deep until he filled my pussy with a HUGE cream pie. I think he’s really going to miss this pussy. I told him that I wish them the best but I hope they break up. I already miss that cock.

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