Sadbaffoon – Get Back Inside Of Me Pov Taboo 720p

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Come sit next to me in bed, honey. Hang out with mommy and talk to me for a little bit. You know something mommy misses more than anything in the world? The feeling of you inside of her belly. Mommy had an idea earlier, I think I figured out what we can do to give mommy that feeling back. Do you want to help mommy? If you do, you have to keep it a secret. Just between you and me, okay? I’m going to take my robe off for you, honey. Do you remember sucking on these tits for milk? Don’t be embarassed, you’ve seen me naked before! Mommy is going to reach over and take your cock out, okay? I’m going to put it in my mouth, it’ll feel warm and wet. You’re going to love the way it feels. Do you want to get even closer to mommy? Come put it in the hole between mommy’s legs. It’s really tight in there. Mommy loves the way it feels to have her little boy inside of her again. I can’t believe I’m cumming on my son’s cock right now. Do you want to flip mommy over and fuck her from behind? Let mommy know when you’re close to cumming. I want it all over my tits.

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