Sadbaffoon – Cum To My Feet Joi Amp Smell Fetish 720p

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Duration: 15:20
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Custom request- You are my roommate. You enter the room to apologize for the way you have treated me in the past, you say you feel awful and want to make it up to me. You are wearing casual clothes (jeans, t-shirt) including casual shoes and socks. You start slowly taking off your shoes and say you know I’ve always fantasied about your feet and toes. After you take your socks off you put your feet close to the camera and tell it’s OK to lick and suck them. I’d also like to see you suck your own toes but if that’s not doable that’s OK too. After a while you take the rest of your clothes off. When you take your panties off you sniff them and ask me if I want to take a smell. You grab a toy, any really, and you say you bet I didn’t know I used things like this. You start playing with yourself, always keeping your feet in view, and giving me JOI. It ends on a countdown with you begging me to cum on your toes. After you say you hope I can forgive you.

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