Sadbaffoon – Cum For Me At Work Gfe Joi 720p

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You left for work in a hurry, rushing out because you were running late. After getting to work you receive a video from your girlfriend. She begins to explain how she’s upset that you left her at home all day, horny and thinking about you because you didn’t fuck her this morning. She starts licking the dildo she has in her hand and suggests it’s time for you to put in some headphones to watch the rest of the video since you’re at work. With your cock throbbing in your pants, your girlfriend explains that it’s nothing but trouble to leave her horny all day which is why she’s making this video for you. She’s surprised you haven’t run off to the bathroom yet because of the hard on you have in your pants, but she knows she’ll break you at some point. She says how wet it makes her knowing you’re sitting at your desk all hot and bothered. She pulls your panties down and right at that second you start to question if it’s time to make a little trip to the bathroom. She starts going on about how much you must regret not fucking her this morning and now that you see her wet pussy in your face, you definitely do. You head over to the bathroom once she spreads her legs and starts fucking herself because you can’t contain your cock and it’s starting to tighten up your pants. She says you’re only allowed to touch your cock at the rate that she’s fucking herself. You do so as your cock drips with pre cum and how you want so badly to go faster. As she speeds up she says you’re allowed to jerk your cock faster now. She taunts you and talks about how much regret you must have right now and that you’ll have to wait till you get home tonight to touch her. After fucking herself in doggy style, missionary, and with her legs up by her chest she finally says she’s going to countdown from 10 and when she gets to 1, she wants you to cum for her. Don’t forget to record it though! She wants to see how much you long for her. Oh and try not to get cum on your suit!

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