Sadbaffoon – Cuckolded By Your Nerdy Gf 720p

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Duration: 15:38
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Your cute GF who usually stays below the radar and you don’t have to compete for got invited to her first college party today.. She said she’s going to go shopping for a new outfit for the party and you’re kind of nervous to see what she picks and to your (not so surprise) it turns out to be a super revealing outfit. She’s not even wearing a bra! She looks so fucking good and that makes you feel insecure. You tell her she looks like a slut!! Big mistake!!! She blows up on you and says that you’re slut shaming her and that if you think she’s a slut, she might as well be one. She’s going to pick up some dude hotter than you, fuck him, and record it for you to watch. She leaves and there’s nothing you can do to stop her. You get woken up by her when she gets home and there’s a video for you to watch… and she wants you to wear her clothes while you watch it?? Why?? I guess you’ll find out.

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