Rhea Sweet – Sneaky Daddy

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Duration: 19:26s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Daddy sneaks into Rhea’s room to watch her. He noticed how sexy her mouth looked and just couldn’t stop himself from pulling his hard cock out and stroking it to her body. Daddy wants to touch his cock to her mouth so badly. He just wants to feel those lips touching the tip, have his pre cum drip in her mouth. Just the idea of Rhea waking and sucking Daddy’s cock makes him cum all over her face but is careful to not wake his daughter. Later that night, Daddy can’t stop thinking about how hot it was and decides he wants more of his Daughter. Daddy crawls into Rhea’s bed and thrusts his big cock into Rhea waking her up. Rhea tells him its not right but he keeps thrusting into her. Rhea can’t help it and cums on her Daddy’s cock. She begs him not to cum in her. Rhea is terrified of getting pregnant. He doesn’t listen and drains his balls into her little pussy.

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