Rhea Sweet – Shh Daddy Dont Wake Mommy

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Duration: 12:27s
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I was getting ready for school and decided I wasn’t going to hold back my want for Daddy’s cock any longer. I knew that If I climbed on top of Daddy and started rubbing his cock he wasn’t going to be able to resist. I made sure to sneak in nice and quietly so that I wouldn’t wake my Mommy. Daddy resisted at first but I told him that if he woke up Mommy, she would think badly of him for this so he stayed and let me continue. I got Daddy to cum in my mouth and it tasted so so good. I wasn’t finished him Daddy yet. I shoved his cock inside my pussy and made Daddy take my virginity. I wanted Daddy to be the first man inside of me. He tried to push me off of him when he was cumming but I made sure to stay on top and take all his cum.

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