Rhea Sweet – Daughter Seduces Her Dad

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I have had so many naughty thoughts of my dad and I am not going to hold back today. I am finally going to make a move. How could my father resist me? He made me so he has to wonder what all he created. I bet he wonders how my tits feel in his hands or how my pussy tastes. I got home from shopping with Dad’s credit card that he gave me and sat down on the couch next to my dad. He greeted me with a friendly hello and asked about my day. He complemented my outfit that I had just gotten and I figured that would be the perfect time to mention I wasn’t wearing any under ware. At first my dad tried not to look but I kept asking him to so he caved. I could tell that even though he was trying not to have dirty thoughts of his daughter, he was struggling to resist. I tell him its okay and to touch me and have a taste. After some convincing my dad finally goes down on me. Sucking on my clit and moving his tongue over it so gently. My dad quickly sits back up again, realizing what he had just done. I beg him to come back and continue. It felt so so good. Luckily, I convince him to keep eating me out. My dad starts moving his tongue down to my asshole which I was not expecting and ohhhh myyy I almost came right then. I ask my dad to stick a finger inside my ass while he licks my clit. Gladly he slides his finger inside my ass and I cum sooo hard while my dad licks up my cum juice. Sooooo much more happens but you’ll have to watch the video

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