Rhea Sweet – Dad Daughter Bribe

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Duration: 12:52s
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I’m busy on my phone when my dad walks into my room. He says he wants me to do him a favor. He wants me to suck his dick?! No, that’s so weird! He says he’ll give me $1000 if I suck his dick? Omg, he’s serious. Well, I guess it probably won’t take that long. Sounds easy, but I don’t know … he’s still my dad. I know, make it $2000. Really? Okay, but that’s all. I’m ONLY sucking his dick. He makes me pull it out. This is weird, but wow. His cock is pretty big, not gonna lie. I get on my hands and knees on the bed and put my dad’s dick in my mouth. This is so wrong, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I don’t want to spend all day on this, so I tell him to hurry up. I’ve got some shopping I need to do. He tells me it will go faster if I get naked for him. Nope, he didn’t pay me for that. He says he’ll pay me another $1000 if I take my tits out? Hmmm, okay. That’s easy enough. I can’t believe I’m getting naked for my dad. But the painties stay on. I’m not getting completely naked in front of my dad. That would be weird. He tells me it will go faster if I play with my tits too. Ugh fine, but only a little bit. I get back on my knees and put Dad’s cock in my mouth. I’m getting bored. He needs to hurry up and cum already. Now he says he’ll give me more money for something else? Sex with me?! No that’s way too far already! This is so bad … well, okay, how much more? He says he’ll give me $10,000? That is a lot of money … I’m thinking about all the purses I can bu with it. Ok, screw it. I’ll do it. He’s probably close enough to cumming anyways. I can’t believe I’m going to do this with my dad. I bend over and push his cock inside of me. It’s not going to hurt is it? Oh, his cock is way too big! He better hurry up and cum already. He fucks me hard from behind with his big cock. He pushes me off and climbs on top of me. He puts his face between my legs and starts eating my pussy. That wasn’t part of the deal! I tell him to stop and finish fucking me… I want to go shopping. He climbs back on top and pushes his big cock inside of me. He needs to hurry up and cum, but he cannot cum inside of me. He can’t pay me enough to do that. I tell him to pull it out and cum on my stomach or something. He says he wants to cum on my tits? Fine. I can tell he’s close. I tell him to pull out before it’s too late. He shoots his cum all over my tits, neck and face. I’m covered in his cum! Ugh, I’m getting cleaned up, I’m getting that money and going shopping, then I’m never thinking about this again.

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