Reya Reign – Cum In Your Sister Before Her Wedding 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 24:56
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It’s the day of my wedding, and you, my sweet brother, are walking me down the aisle! You come in my room to see if I need anything, and find me half naked in lingerie. I scream at you to get out, then immediately feel bad for lashing out at you. I invite you back in and ask for your opinion on some different lingerie I have for my “big night”. I try on a few different outfits, not knowing that you’re sneaking peeks of me naked as I change. I notice that you have a boner, and cover my face in embarrassment. I start to wonder if it was a mistake letting you stay in the room, but then you proceed to tell me about how you and your girlfriend haven’t had sex in over a month and how amazing your hot sister looks. I crack a smile and tell you to look away so I can put on the last outfit. When I tell you to look again, you’re happily surprised to see me completely naked. I tell you how I want to make my brother happy, just like how you’ve made me happy on my wedding day. I tell you to take your cock out and stroke it for me before climbing on top of you and stroking it myself. How long has it been since your girlfriend has sucked your cock? I eagerly give you a blowjob and titty fuck you, comparing my nice, juicy tits to your girlfriend’s. You know your sister is WAY hotter than she is! I bet she makes you do all the work, she wouldn’t ride you like your big sister can… I ride you in reverse cowgirl before turning around to face you as I squat down on your cock and bounce up and down until you blow your month’s worth of cum inside of me. Will you be thinking about this as you walk me down the aisle? Your cum will probably be dripping down my leg. I hope no one notices… especially your girlfriend… This is a custom video but no names are used.

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